How Dental Checkups Every Six Months Can Save You Time and Money

When was your last dental checkup? If you haven't been for a dental checkup in the last year, then you may have dental issues that you aren't aware of. Although nobody enjoys going to the dentist, a simple dental checkup once every six months can help to save you money and time.

If dental checkups are not your thing, then the following information might help to convince you just how important bi-annual dental checkups are.

Discover dental problems while they are still minor

All dental conditions start out as minor issues that can be cured with an improvement in your oral hygiene routine or a simple change of diet. For instance, in its earliest stage, tooth decay begins as demineralization of tooth enamel. If you take the appropriate action early, you can reverse enamel demineralization and prevent a cavity from forming.

But unless you know exactly what you are looking for, you will probably fail to see a minor oral condition. A simple dental checkup can spot minor issues. Your dentist can then advise you on what to do to reverse the condition.

Avoid having to extract damaged or infected teeth

Sometimes, damage to a tooth is difficult to spot. This is especially true if the damage lies between to teeth. Without a dental checkup to identify the issue, a damaged tooth can become infected. If the infection spreads and damages the tissues surrounding your tooth, you may need to extract the tooth to stop the infection in its tracks.

Your dentist can repair your tooth with a filling or dental crown if they spot the damage before infection sets in.  

Avoid having to pay for expensive restorative dental treatments

Losing teeth or failing to notice dental problems early may require the need for expensive restorative treatments like dental implants, dental crowns or onlays. Dental checkups every six months are usually enough to spot potential dental issues that could cause severe damage to teeth.

Avoid having to undergo lengthy dental treatments

When you lose a tooth to a dental condition such as tooth decay or gum disease, replacing that tooth will take time and money. For instance, to replace a tooth with a dental implant, you will need to wait about 3-6 months for the dental implant to integrate with your jawbone. Dental checkups can spot conditions that might lead to the need for lengthy dental treatments and save you time. Talk to someone in dentistry for more information.

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