When Your Old Acrylic Dentures Need to Be Replaced

Your original decision to get a set of dentures was likely driven by necessity. But the ultimate type of dentures you chose may have been due to your budget. Acrylic dentures are the most cost-effective option, and while they may have served you well, you may have become aware of their limitations. What are your best choices for replacing your old dentures? 

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you talk to any dental professional about upgrading your acrylic dentures, it's likely that they'll encourage you to completely overhaul your tooth-replacement system. Implant-supported dentures have clear advantages over traditional dentures and involve multiple dental implants being installed in your jaw. A new denture is manufactured and is then attached to these implants. They offer more stability and increased bite pressure, but you may not be inclined to receive dental implants if your teeth have been missing for some years. This is because the bone that anchors the implants (which is the alveolar bone) can lose density when it no longer supports teeth, and must often be fortified via bone grafting. The need for this surgical procedure (along with the overall cost) can mean that implant-support dentures may not be appealing.

New Acrylic Dentures

The most cost-effective option is a new set of acrylic dentures, but the cheapest option won't offer the best outcome when it comes to dentures. If it is a matter of budget, then new acrylic dentures are a perfectly acceptable course of action. In any event, acrylic dentures can become discoloured over the years, with some minor tarnishes such as cracks, chips and general ageing. A new set of acrylic dentures will be infinitely superior to your old pair.

Metal Dentures

If your budget allows, you should consider replacing your acrylic dentures with dentures made of metal. These cobalt chrome dentures typically offer a more comfortable fit and are less bulky than their acrylic counterparts, which can improve the aesthetics of your smile. The configuration of metal dentures also means that the dentures are aligned to your dental arch, and there's no obtrusive denture plate that rests on your upper or lower palate. This is what makes the dentures more comfortable, and when your palate isn't covered, you will be able to more appreciate the tastes of your favourite foods.

When those acrylic dentures have reached the end of their usefulness, it's important to talk to your dentist about your upgrade options. Even when implant-supported dentures might not be an option, there are better choices than a new set of acrylic dentures. For more information about dentures, contact a dentist. 

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