3 Types of Toothaches that Warrant a General Dentist's Visit

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in the back of your jaw when sipping a cold drink? Some people tend to shrug off such pain and attribute it to a regular toothache. However, ignoring tooth pain can affect the quality of your life, not to mention putting your teeth at risk of infections. While certain types of toothaches are within the scope of emergency care, others can be handled by a general physician. Thus, it is essential to know which kinds of toothaches warrant a general dentist's visit. This post provides more information regarding various types of toothaches.

1. Tooth Soreness

Although not precisely a toothache, soreness is a sensation that a general dentist can handle comfortably. Tooth soreness is often characterized by oral fatigue. One of the main contributing factors for tooth soreness is unconscious grinding, which clenches and works the jaws. Seeing a general dentist immediately you begin experiencing tooth soreness ensures you do not suffer the consequences of bruxism, such as wasted tooth enamel and severe sensitivity. Additionally, addressing sore teeth is not a problem for general dentists since all you need is a customized mouth guard to protect the enamel.

2. Intermittent Acute Pain

Acute tooth pain often appears for a few days then disappears. For most people, seeing a dentist is out of the question because they know acute pain subsides and disappears after a day or two. Therefore, unlike chronic tooth pain that can send a patient to an emergency dental clinic, it is easy to ignore occasional acute pain. However, it is dangerous because an acute pain that lasts only a day could indicate an underlying oral problem. As such, you should make a point of seeing a general physician to determine the cause of the pain.

3. Tooth Sensitivity

The best way to establish whether you have sensitive teeth is to eat or drink something hot or cold. Sensitive teeth have a characteristic sharp or stabbing pain. While the issue might trivial, it is advisable to have sensitive teeth checked immediately. The reason is that tooth sensitivity is caused by exposed nerves. In the beginning, the sharp pain might be infrequent, but it should not stop you from seeking the help of a general dentist. The professional can address the sensitivity and prevent severe nerve exposure and damage. If you wait too long, you could be susceptible to emergency tooth removal. 

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