When Might You Need a Dental Check-Up?

A dentist is one of the most crucial specialists to include in your health plan or routine. This is because teeth are not only important in giving your mouth shape but in helping you chew food, which is essential for your sustainability and speak and smile, which are important in communicating/socialising with other people. Here are scenarios when your dentist may require you to visit a dental clinic for a dental check-up:

Baby First Teeth Check-Up

When your baby's teeth start to grow, you need to take them to a paediatric dentist for a dental check-up; this should be when your child is six to 12 months old. A dental visit does not mean your child is sick or there is a problem with their teeth, you are simply trying to prevent or catch any dental problem early.

The dentist confirms whether your child's teeth are growing correctly and whether there are any underlying dental problems. The paediatric dentist also educates you on caring for your child's teeth and how you should educate your child on proper dental hygiene practices.

Expect your dentist to create a schedule of regular visits to the dentist; this is just for monitoring purposes. However, if the dentist discovers that there is a problem with your child's teeth development, these visits can be frequent.

Dental Check-Up After a Dental Procedure

If you have undergone an extensive dental procedure, for example, procedures that require dental surgery, your dentist may need to examine you afterwards to check whether you are healing well. During this examination, your dentist may also check for infections and ask you several questions.

Dental Check-Up When Ailing

If you are exhibiting some dental problem symptoms like constant foul breath, tooth pain, bleeding gums, gum and facial swelling, etc., you might need a dental check-up. The check-up entails finding out why you are experiencing the symptoms you have, which forms what is known as a dental diagnosis. The diagnosis is then used to create a treatment plan.

Is a Dental Check-Up Painful?

No, it is not; the dentist uses their eyes only. Sometimes, the dentist may use a metallic mirror-like tool to see a reflection of areas where they cannot see directly; the use of the tool is not painful or uncomfortable, but it may feel cold. Also, your dentist may request for x-rays to inspect the part of the tooth inside the gum.

To learn more about a dental check-up, contact a local dentist.

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