What Are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are a type of prosthesis that dentists will fit onto their patients' teeth in order to make them look better. Many people turn to their dentist for this sort of cosmetic procedure because they want to feel more confident when they smile and happier with the look of their mouth when it is open or when they look in the mirror. Dental veneers are attached to the front-facing teeth in your mouth and are a thin layer that sits on top of your incisors' and canines' enamel. Although they do nothing to help look after your teeth — you still need to brush well with toothpaste and floss from time to time — they are one of the chief tools available to dentists these days. Why might you consider having them fitted by your dentist? 

  • A Convenient Procedure

Firstly, dental veneers are relatively easy to fit. Unlike some other cosmetic procedures - such as fitting dental braces, for example - they simply adhere to your teeth with a special type of dental glue. This means that they can be fixed in place within a short matter of time by most skilled dentists and without any undue fuss. Some people even have theirs fitted during their lunch break! The glue itself is perfectly safe for oral use and it will keep your veneers in place for a long time without requiring any extra work. Even if you bite into hard items like apples or boiled sweets, the glue will be up to the job.

  • Whiter Teeth

One of the main reasons that people have dental veneers fitted is that they want their teeth to look whiter. When you have yours made, your dentist will be able to specify the exact colour tone for them. This means that they can match your existing natural teeth or be made to look whiter if preferred. When you compare this to dental bleaching products that you can buy at your local pharmacy, you will find that you get much more consistent performance in colour matching from a set of dental veneers, meaning they'll appear whiter and more even. 

  • Chipped and Cracked Teeth

Because dental veneers make a physical overlay on the surface of your teeth, they are able to cover up other imperfections other than how white, or otherwise, they might be. For example, if you have teeth which overlap one another, then a well-made set of veneers with his will sort this visual problem out for you. Equally, people who have chipped or cracked teeth will find that veneers create a much more even appearance.  

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