Why Does An Orthodontist Recommend Braces When Your Teeth Look Straight?

There are two things that people notice when they meet a person for the first time, and those are their eyes and their smile. Orthodontics Australia advises that 60% of Australians feel that confidence comes from having a good smile. They also note that 6 out of 10 Australian adults have considered orthodontic treatment to achieve the good smile. As an Australian adult who has recently been told that braces would improve your smile, you're looking for validation that this is necessary since you feel your teeth are already straight. However, braces are not just about straight teeth, so find out more about how braces affect your bite.

What Is Your Bite Like?

When your upper and lower jaw close together, your teeth mesh in a pattern which can be compared to a cog meshing with gears. The mesh needs to be just right so that your teeth can correctly do their job of tearing and chewing food. While your teeth may look perfectly straight to you, a minor mismatch between them is all that is needed to create dental problems. These problems include misaligned jaw, gnashing of teeth and even an erosion of tooth enamel as your teeth scrape across each other.

What Are Examples Of Bad Bites?

There are several different types of bad bites which can be fixed by having braces fitted, and these include:

  • a crossbite which is when your bottom teeth sit over the outside of the front teeth
  • an underbite which occurs when the top teeth sit behind the bottom teeth when you close your jaw
  • an open bite which means there are gaps between the front teeth or the back teeth when the jaw is closed

All these bite issues can be corrected by the use of braces. Not only will you eliminate teeth issues, but a correct bite also improves your eating and speaking abilities.

How Long Are Braces Needed?

Adult braces are worn a little longer than those fitted to children because your teeth have finished their development stage, so moving them to the correct bite takes longer. You can reasonably expect braces to be fitted for a one to two year period, but your orthodontist will advise of your specific timeline during the consultation process.

Now that you know why your orthodontist has recommended braces to you, make a followup appointment to discuss the different types of braces available to you. The sooner you get them fitted, the faster you are on your way to a healthy smile.

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