The Role Cosmetic Dentists Play to Make Your Smile Perfect

Every time you smile, the world becomes a better place. You should, thus, not let anything hold you from smiling more. Not even issues with your dental structure. Regardless of the dental condition you might be facing, a cosmetic dentist will fix your teeth be they a bit crooked, stained or missing even. Some of the specific services offered by a cosmetic dentistry professional to give you the perfect smile include the following:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most common issues a cosmetic dentist has to deal with. Also known as "teeth bleaching," this procedure involves the brightening of one's teeth. It is a very simple procedure that can also be done using over-the-counter drugs. However, it's best to have a dentist check and supervise any teeth whitening to prevent any complications.

Not everyone's teeth that can be whitened using over-the-counter drugs. For this reason, be advised to communicate with your dentist beforehand. You might save yourself trouble down the road.


Veneers are a small, ultra-thin material made of porcelain. They are meant to be placed on the front side of the tooth and are used to close gaps between teeth. They are also useful when teeth whitening fails and are a fix for chipped and crooked teeth too.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are predominantly titanium made and meant to replace missing teeth. Such implants are surgically placed in the gap left by the missing tooth. The implant is permanent and well designed to act as a tooth. It has three parts;

  • The implant device made of titanium.
  • The abutment – to connect the implant device and the dental crown
  • The dental crown – to act as the new tooth.

Gum Lift

This is a standard procedure whereby a dentist raises the gum line. A gum lift helps reshape the tissue and the bones in the gums. The result gives the patient teeth that are better looking and more symmetrical. The procedure is an excellent and efficient way to a better smile.

Teeth Shaping

This predicament is brought about by abnormally sized enamels, but it has a reasonably easy fix. With teeth shaping, the dentist can re-size the teeth by either filling or removing some part of the enamel. It's also called "enamel shaping." The procedure is usually painless too.

You have waited for long enough for your perfect smile. It's about time you took up the issue with your cosmetic dentist. The result will be a set of well-placed, well-spaced, perfectly white teeth.

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